Remove Effectively Infectious cellulite

Have you ever heard of infectious cellulite? Probably not. But do not worry, because I’m going to give you the most important information in this regard. Although it is unlikely that you suffer this type of problem, you better be informed.

What is infectious cellulite?

It is a skin problem that damages both the epidermis and other deeper layers of the skin. In addition, due to its infectious characteristics, it can cause episodes of fever, swelling and redness.

Forget about infectious cellulite forever!

Although the name is similar, the truth is that it has little to do with the normal cellulite caused by orange peel. Infectious cellulite is a problem caused by bacteria (in fact, it is sometimes called bacterial cellulite).

What is its cause?

In general, it appears from an infection caused by streptococci or staphylococci.

For it to develop you have to be in contact with an object, animal or person, that has these bacteria and, once they come in contact, the bacteria will have to cross the different layers of your skin.

If they do not, you will not develop the disease, but you will simply be a carrier of bacteria.

And surely, at this moment you are wondering … And it is easy or difficult that they cross the different layers of the skin?

Well, the truth is that, in principle, it is not easy, but there are some factors that can make it much easier for them to cross. They are:

Depressed immune system.

Surface injuries (such as that caused by scratching the floor, for example).

Peripheral vascular diseases.


When the bacteria have entered the body and are already under the skin, they begin to divide and spread transversely and longitudinally, making the effect much more general and causing treatment to be required.

Forget about infectious cellulite forever!

It can appear anywhere on the body, but the most common areas are legs, ankles, breasts, face or, sometimes, even eyes.


The symptoms of infectious cellulite are the following (and, as you will see, they have nothing to do with what we usually call cellulite):

Chills, sweats and fever: As with any infection, an increase in temperature occurs as the immune system attempts to fight off bacteria.

Irritation and inflammation: When the body begins to fight the infection, it releases different types of substances that cause redness and inflammation.

Eruption: There will also be eruptions, whose size and extent will depend on the intensity of the infection.

Hardened skin: As the infection progresses, it causes a hardening of the skin, as a result of the fight between the immune system and bacteria.

Fluid retention: Fluid retention can also occur, as bacteria make it difficult to properly circulate.

Joint stiffness: In some cases joint stiffness may also occur. However, this is a rare occurrence.

Hair Loss: As in the previous case, in some cases hair loss may occur. However, it is rare.


Because of the nature of infectious cellulite, it is advisable to try to prevent it whenever possible. And to do so, the best option is to avoid contact with any object, person or animal that may be infected by the aforementioned bacteria.

Obviously, it is virtually impossible to know who is infected with these bacteria and who does not, but you can prevent the problem if you do not approach those places that are dirty or in poor condition, especially if you have a slight injury.

Treatment of infectious cellulite

The treatment for infectious cellulite is quite simple, consisting of taking antibiotics for a couple of weeks. Depending on the severity of the infection, the duration of treatment may be higher or lower, but it is always reversed.

In some cases, patients prefer to go for natural sales solutions in herbalists. It is not the most recommended option, but it can be taken into account. However, it is always advisable to ask the doctor , who will guarantee that we have chosen correctly.

As you can see, infectious cellulite is a problem that should be under control. Even though you are unlikely to suffer from this problem, information is always useful, so that, if you get it, you can know perfectly how to react.

Forget about infectious cellulite forever!

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