Proven Way to Remove Butt Cellulite

Hey it’s Andrea in this writing you are going to learn how to get rid of butt cellulite forever. Butt Cellulite is a pain in the butt and even skinny women can get butt cellulite I’m going to give details how this happens? Why does it happen? And what you can do about it so please imagine that this is a butt and butt cellulite comes from two different things. Having too many fat cells that are really plumped up so even if you don’t have a lot of fat cells if your fat cells are really plumped up.  You’re still gonna get that cottage cheesy dimple cellulite.

Look on the back of your butt so I’m going to tell you how you can fix both of these problems, so first let’s talk about what to do when you’ve got too many fat cells. So imagine the butt and a healthy butt all the fat cells would be lined up against the skin right here butt what happens is when you get lots of fat cells. They actually push on the outer part of the skin and that is what causes that bumpy cellulite. look okay so that would be the skin of the butt when there are too many fat cells so the way to get rid of butt fat cells is to build lean muscle.

You want to actually speed up your metabolism and the more lean muscle you have the less fat cells you have.  So I’m going to just erase these fat cells and we’re going to replace it with a nice lean tone muscle so this is a butt muscle also called a glute muscle. When you have more muscle in your butt you get rid of the fat cells giving you a nice shape to the edge of the butt, you see how all the dimples went away.

That’s gonna give you a nice smooth butt so don’t be afraid to build muscle remember ladies muscle is sexy and muscle is what gets rid of the fat cells. That’s what gets you a nice firm but that is cellulite free but what about those skinny girls who don’t have a lot of fat cells but they still have that butt cellulite.

Well here’s what happens let’s draw a skinnier but the fat cells, they do have are plumped up so they may not have a lot of fat cells but the ones that they do are really plump and what that means is that the surface of the skin is going to give you that same dimply cottage cheese cellulite. Look very unattractive what you want to do in order to get rid of this kind of butt cellulite is to shrink these fat cells down.

There are a couple things you can do!

Decrease Salt:

Here are my top tips you want to decrease the salt because what happens when salt goes into a fat cell, it causes the fat cell to get bigger and bigger and bigger. This makes the fat blow up so you don’t have to have a lot of fat cells but you can see that the fat will just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

Each one of those cells so by taking salt out of the fat cell that’s what makes it get smaller and smaller and smaller when you lower your salt content and that means sodium so read the ingredients of all your food and anything with high levels of sodium. Don’t eat it! Because sodium means salt lower your salt levels so that all of those can shrink down and give you that nice smooth surface without cellulite.

Here’s another way to shrink those fats:

I’m going to show you two of my favorite detox twists now detox twists are so great for squeezing out the toxins in your fat cells.  just like you’re gonna wring out a towel after you know a hard workout or when you’ve been cleaning your kitchen when you wring out a towel, you see all the dirt and the grime and the gunk get squeezed out.

What we’re gonna do with your cellulite that’s what we’re gonna do with each one of these fat cells that’s holding on to toxins so here’s a simple detox twist that you can do right now.

With me go ahead and come down onto the floor or you can also do this in your chair if you’re more comfortable that way place your feet out in front of you make sure your spine long takes a deep inhale. Then cross your left foot over your right bend your knee and make sure that you can comfortably balance on each hip bone right here you’re already starting to detox into your internal organs.

Remove Butt Cellulite
Remove Butt Cellulite

Into your liver, intestines, stomach and you can see I’m already starting to stretch that side of the but where most women hold the cellulite if you’d like to go deeper you can reach the right arm up and then bend the elbow so that it comes just below the left knee. You squeeze and twist every time you inhale to raise your heart to lift your spine and every time you exhale sink a little deeper twist.

A little deeper you get to control the intensity just take two deep breaths right here one more because oxygen cleans you out ha ha oh that feels so good. Now let’s shake it out and do the other side take the right foot bend it takes the left knee out either stay here. If that’s enough for you and imagine with every inhale, you’re reading out toxins with every exhale.

You releasing the toxins if you’d like to go further lift the left arm up and twist it across that right leg take a deep inhale in and squeeze out the toxins imagine the study! Life getting smoother imagines your fat cells shrinking take one more deep breath in and exhale twist oh that feels. So good and you can see we’re working into those pockets of cellulite that can get stored right there at the edge of the hips and the back of the butt.

If you’d like to go into another twist you can do the lying down where you lie down on the ground and you’re going to do the same thing bend one leg and place it over.  You can use your hand to control the pressure and your twist into the back this feels really good all through your butt. You’re twisting those butt muscles that you’ve been working on building take deep slow breaths one last inhale exhale twist a little deeper feel so good stretch it out.

Let’s do the other side right leg comes up you can place a cushion and always remember to listen to your body.  But you can see how this is squeezing out where the cellulite would be holding on and you’re also squeezing out your internal organs.  So the more room you have in your digestive organs the more you’ll be able to digest the nutrients from your food and also remove toxic waste.

This is all working together take a deep inhale squeeze a little deeper last one make sure your spine is long exhaled twist so important to breathe come back to Center shake it out slowly roll up hah.

So those are some of my favorite tips to get rid of the butt cellulite

No matter what kind of butt cellulite you have you’re gonna see great results by just doing these simple things five minutes a day.

If you’d like more tips and you want to have more great ways to get rid of the butt cellulite -STAY WITH US!

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