Mesotherapy to remove cellulite

Have you heard of mesotherapy to remove cellulite? Do not? Calm down, it’s normal. Pay close attention because the information I have prepared for you is really useful!

What is mesotherapy?

Body mesotherapy is a technique that consists of administering small amounts of drugs and homeopathic products under the skin, through some injections, and that aims to solve different problems.

It is not a technique that is specially designed to solve cellulite, but in recent years it has started to be used for this, with more or less acceptable results, especially in the early stages.

It should be noted that mesotherapy has some side effects which, although not very serious, should be taken into account.

These side effects are the appearance of black and blue marks (bruises), a small burning sensation and stinging for about twenty minutes after the injections have been applied, and moderate pain in the following days.

In addition, as always using injections, there is a small risk of infection, so it is important to go to a specialized and serious clinic, to avoid such problems.

How does mesotherapy work to remove cellulite?

First, the patient will have to go to the clinic for a study and check that she can undergo facial and body mesotherapy, since, although it is an intervention with few dangers, it should be noted that the patient is apt.

This study involves doing a study of allergies, because, as I mentioned earlier, is to introduce different types of drugs and homeopathic products under the skin, and some of them could produce allergy in the patient.

Once it is clear that the patient is fit, the mesotherapist carries out a plan for that particular person. In mesotherapy, there is no single plan that will serve for all people. Every patient needs something different.

After this, the calendar of the sessions, which usually last a couple of months, will be organized and will be held once or twice a week, with a duration of about 45 minutes each.

It is normal for the patient to notice some improvement after the second week, and after two months she has achieved an “acceptable” reduction of cellulite, reaching the point where the body mesotherapy can no longer solve the problem.

What is the price of body and facial mesotherapy?

The price ranges from 40 to 80 Euros per session in large cities, such as Madrid or Barcelona, which means that a weekly treatment for two months ranges from 320 to 640 Euros in two months.

However, you should keep in mind that the price of mesotherapy for cellulite can vary, depending on the following factors:

Country: Of course, the first factor that influences is the country in which you perform the treatment. Many women (including my friends) have traveled to Latin America to undergo cosmetic surgery because they are cheaper and the quality is high, for example. With mesotherapy, the same thing happens. In Latin American countries the quality is still very high, but the price is reduced considerably.

Geographical area: As in the previous case, within each country, there are also different purchasing capacities depending on the city or geographic area to which you go, and that is reflected in the prices. As you can suppose, it is not the same to go to a mesotherapy session in Barcelona city, then in Gijón. The price varies a lot.

The prestige of the clinic: This is one of the decisive factors. The prestige of the clinic also greatly influences the final price you will have to pay. And it’s okay, so be it. Prestige is something that is achieved thanks to the good results, and that is why you have to pay more expensive.

The prestige of the specialist: With the prestige of the specialist happens the same as with the prestige of the clinic? However, this is something that is more relevant in the case of cosmetic surgery. Although this type of treatment also happens, the truth is that it is better to be guided by the prestige of the clinic and not the specialist.

Extra services: If you are going to receive some kind of extra service, be it psychological support, nursing services, diet, exercise routines, etc., you will also have to pay for them. Some clinics offer these services, and you should evaluate whether or not you pay for those additional services.

A number of sessions: Finally, the number of sessions is also relevant. Body (and facial) mesotherapy, as I mentioned above, is not the same for everyone. One woman may need eight sessions, another twelve, and another only four. Depending on the number, you can get a lower price per session.

Do you have any kind of risk?

One of the key advantages of mesotherapy with regard to other types of interventions is that it is non-surgical, thus greatly reducing most of the risks associated with beauty treatments.

However, there are some other risks that must be taken into account. The most relevant are allergic reactions and injection infections. However, if the clinic you go to is serious, you should not have these problems.

On the other hand, there are some side effects, which are not really risks, but consequences of treatment, such as the bruising, redness or swelling mentioned above.

Is it a definitive solution?

No. Mesotherapy for cellulite is a solution that can be of great help and can help you to eliminate part of the cellulite, but it is not a definitive solution that will help you to 100% reverse cellulite.

The only occasions in which it can serve to completely reverse cellulite are in those in which the person has a cellulite at a very early stage. For example, in phase 1 it can definitely help you end it.

But, if you have a more advanced cellulite, the truth is that it will not be enough, beyond reducing a little fat adiposity and slightly reduce the appearance of orange peel from the outside.

What if I want to end 100% with cellulite?

In case you want to end up with 100% of the cellulite you suffer, especially if you are already in phase 2 or more advanced (a situation in which I was also), I recommend you visit my story.

There I go into more detail about the situation in which I was, and how I managed to totally reverse the problem of cellulite. And I got it definitively. To this day, I do not have cellulite, and I do not think it will reappear.

If you want to learn how I got it, I recommend you visit that page, because although body mesotherapy can be a great help to reduce it a little, it will not solve the problem 100%. The thing that if you will get following the instructions of my history.

As you can see, mesotherapy to remove cellulite is really effective, and that is why I am surprised that it is so little known. In any case, now that you know it, do not hesitate to use it to reduce the orange peel.

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