5 Meals that Produce Cellulite

Depending on what we eat we can either reduce the appearance of cellulite or increase it. While there are foods that help the body heal, there are others that cause fluid retention, poor circulation, damage to the skin, and slower lymphatic drainage.

These types of harmful foods are what we must either eliminate or greatly reduce if we want to win the battle against cellulite.

5 Meals that Produce Cellulite

Foods that cause cellulite

  1. Salty food

The two key minerals to regulate fluid levels in our body are sodium and potassium. As long as there is a balance between these two minerals, the fluid levels in the body remain normal. But when we ingest excess sodium (salt) this balance is lost. The body then tries to dilute excess sodium by holding fluid in the tissues. This fluid retention contributes to the appearance of orange peel.

The World Health Organization recommends ingesting less than 5 grams (1/4 ounce) of salt per day. Read the labels of the products because sometimes they bring more salt than we think, as is the case with vegetable juices. When cooking, cook with half the amount of salt you commonly use or better still without salt at all. More tips for reducing salt intake.

  1. Refined Carbohydrates

It is very difficult to reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates since for many of us it is an important part of our diet. Bread, pasta, rice, flour, and sugars cause a sudden flood of glucose and the body has to try to balance it by releasing insulin. Insulin then does store glucose as fat.

To deal with this problem, instead of eating foods with refined grains we must eat them but whole grain. That is brown rice, whole grains, bread and cereals of whole grains like rye, oats, barley, etc.

  1. Caffeine

Caffeine can be a very difficult habit to break because when we eliminate it from the diet can cause headaches and other symptoms. The good news is that to combat cellulite it is not necessary to eliminate 100% caffeine but it does reduce its consumption.

Excess caffeine can cause poor circulation, one of the causes of cellulite. It can also induce cravings for sugary foods. For this, you should ideally limit yourself to one cup of coffee or tea a day, maximum two or three.

  1. Saturated fats and Trans fats

We recently talked about how harmful trans fats are to the body. Here’s another reason, trans fats cause cellulite. In addition, both trans fats and saturated fats increase the levels of free radicals in the body.

Fats make our brains feel happy and satisfied so many times we do not feel “full” if we do not ingest fats. But we can eat healthy fats in moderation. For example, after a meal, we can eat a small piece of low-fat cheese or a tablespoon of plain yogurt.

  1. Sugar

The sugar causes the collagen to harden and pull the skin making the fatty deposits more visible. To combat cellulite it is necessary to reduce considerably the consumption of sugar. In addition, sugary products are generally high in fat as well.

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