Machines for removing cellulite

Do you want to eliminate cellulite and do not know how to do it? Then, let me tell you about the machines to remove cellulite. Undoubtedly, they are one of the star choices, because they complement the perfection with exercises, diets and creams.

What are the different machines to combat cellulite?

According to the manufacturers themselves (which, as you can imagine, are not the most impartial in the world), the machines act directly on cellulite and solve it in a matter of days or weeks, depending on the machine in question.

I’ll tell you first that this is false. I have tried practically all the machines and apparatuses that are on the internet and by the physical stores, and none helped me to definitively solve the cellulite.

There are some who do help and reduce it a bit. But totally eliminate it, no. And that’s something you should keep in mind.

In addition, it should be noted that, depending on the stage in which your cellulite is, treatment will be more or less effective. That is, if you are in phase 1 or 2, you can reduce cellulite a little more than if you are in phase 3.

In any case, devices to eliminate cellulite are not the best option for the reasons that I will mention in each case. So, if you want to permanently solve cellulite, I recommend that you visit my story, where I give a definitive answer.

Laser Machines

The laser machines work as follows: They emit a concentrated beam of light that is able to penetrate the skin and act directly on the subcutaneous adipose cells, which are the origin of cellulite.

The problem with these machines is that the ones that are really effective (although not definitively), are in the beauty clinics because they are very expensive machines and they need a good amount of electric current.

I mean, they are not to have at home. First, you cannot afford it. Second, because you could not make it work.

Apart from this, there are some smaller machines that can be bought and used at home, and that has an acceptable effectiveness. In the early stages of cellulite, they can help you solve the problem a bit.

You will not get rid of cellulite, but it will help reduce it a bit.


The pressotherapy has a different operation to the laser. If the laser acted directly on the adiposity, reducing their size, the machines of presoterapia do on the liquids in themselves.

As you will know if you have read my article on how cellulite originates, it appears because the adiposity grow excessively and, therefore, the circulation of fluids under the skin is difficult.

Well, the laser solves the first problem, while the pressure therapy resolves the second.

Pressure therapy machines are a kind of suits that you can put on the body (also sell specific parts), and, through compression by air, it is possible to stimulate the flow of fluids under the skin.

It works, in a sense, as when they take the tension, they put you a band that swells and deflates. This stimulates the circulation of fluids, making cellulite to reverse a little.

As in the case of the laser, you can reduce cellulite a little in the early stages, but you will not get definitive results with this device.


This is one of the most fashionable machines in recent times. Ultracavitation machines take advantage of ultrasound to produce an effect called cavitations.

Essentially, what ultra cavitation does is to emit low frequencies, which cause the fat cells to provoke a series of “holes”, which, once the ultrasounds are no longer applied, force the adipose fat to “close”.

During this “closure” moment, the fat settle down and their size is reduced a little, making the size of the adiposity diminish a bit, the liquids circulate better and, in short, the orange peel is less severe from the outside.

In this case, it happens more or less the same as with the laser. The machines used at home are not as effective as the professionals, and professionals are practically inaccessible for the price. They are only available in specialized clinics.

Massage Equipment

These gadgets have me a bit upset, I will not fool you.

On the one hand, they are devices that massage … For which, normally, a device is not needed. Just two hands which are free and come from the factory since you are born.

However, the truth is that it feels really good when you have this machine arms, legs or buttocks … And obviously, do not want to have your partner all day forced to give massages.

On the other hand, it is not that massages are a panacea against cellulite. It is true that they help something, but they do not solve cellulite beyond the second phase.

It is difficult to recommend something about it, because I still use this machine, but not to eliminate it, but because it is okay with the machine giving you a massage.

Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum therapy is a device that works in a similar way to pressotherapy. In the case of pressotherapy, what was achieved was to tighten and relax parts of the body. With vacuum therapy, what you do is “suck” and “loose” body parts.

The result is essentially the same. It is achieved that stimulates the circulation of fluids, and, with this, you achieve a little cellulite reduction. However, the result is totally temporary, and, once the fluids return, the cellulite returns to its normal condition.

If we add to that, even when it is taking effect, it does not totally eliminate cellulite but reduces it only slightly … You can get the idea. I do not recommend this option.

In addition, home vacuum therapy machines are somewhat expensive and ineffective.

Acoustic waves

Finally, we have the acoustic wave machines.

These machines generate pressure waves that penetrate the skin and destroy clusters of fat, while at the same time strengthening the skin. In theory, both elements should help eliminate it, right?

Well, it is true, it helps to reduce cellulite, but the effect can be ten thousand times worse.

Acoustic waves eliminate fat and strengthen the skin. All right, now, imagine that you do not do it evenly and you have half gluteus with cellulite and gluteus without. Or what you spend and you have the skin of the buttocks excessively hard.

Anyway, I assure you that this is the worst option and, in fact, I will not even mention specific devices. I have several friends who suffered a real misfortune when using this machine.

Do you really want to end up with cellulite? Read my story

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, and as you have seen yourself, cellulite cannot be solved by playing with a little machine worth less than € 100 at home.

Let’s be serious … Would there really be clinics with thousands of machines that offer the cellulite removal service if you could solve it by yourself in the comfort of your sofa? It’s crazy.

I tried all these machines, because hope is the last thing that is lost, and I can guarantee you that they do not work. The only method I got that would work and definitely eliminate my cellulite.

As you can see, using machines for cellulite may not be enough to end it permanently, but they are an ideal complement to lower the level of the orange skin, along with other strategies that I speak on the web.

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