How to Prevent Cellulite

Did you know that the best way to stop cellulite is to prevent it? Few women know, but cellulite can be avoided with some very simple steps. So pay attention, because I’ll show you the best tricks on how to prevent cellulite.

How to Prevent Cellulite

When should we be careful about cellulite?

As you should know if you have read the contents that I have published in this web about how and why cellulite arises, this appears, to a large extent, by hormonal problems.

Other factors that cause this to occur are sedentarism and poor diet, but the trigger is usually a hormonal change. That is, it usually appears at puberty, maternity or menopause.

After this, depending on the type of life you lead (more or less sedentary, better or worse fed, etc.), cellulite may be more severe or less. But, in the first place, what happens is the hormonal change.

That is why, if you want to prevent cellulite (even in pregnancy), you should pay special attention to those times when your hormones are going to undergo changes because they are the times when it is most likely to appear.

And, once it appears, it stays there. It does not back down. I tell you from my own experience, that I also suffered and, although I could eliminate it, as a story in my story, the truth is that it was not easy.

So it will always be better to prevent it. In the following sections, I explain how to do it through comfortable steps. Of course, let me insist that one last time you have to pay special attention to these steps when you are undergoing a hormonal change.

How to prevent cellulite with diet

When you are undergoing hormonal changes, the first thing that you should do is to be careful with the diet. It is certainly the most important aspect to take care of, and if you take care of it, you can avoid cellulite without much difficulty.

The only thing to understand is that you should eliminate as much as possible any type of fat and carbohydrate because they are the foods that lead to the fats to increase.

And cellulite, as you know, appears by an exaggerated growth of adiposity under the skin. That is, by an excess of fat.

To solve this problem, when you have hormonal changes, focus on having a diet that has a higher amount of protein, and a lower amount of carbohydrates and fats. You should also reduce the number of calories.

Proteins are what you should eat the most, because they do not stay in the body as fat, but go to the muscles. In addition, excess protein over carbohydrates or fats forces the body to consume the accumulated fats for energy.

With fats and carbohydrates, the opposite happens. The body consumes fats and carbohydrates freshly ingested and has no need to resort to accumulated fats, which is why they increase.

As for calories, it should be said that it is not as relevant as the type of food you have, as long as you exercise (which is the next section). Calories, if consumed through exercise, do not involve overweight or fattening of the adiposity that causes cellulite.

Diuretics: Get ahead of orange peel

Nor should we forget diuretics. Diuretics are foods that help to remove excess fluids from the body and to explain why they are so important, it is better to understand a little better how the cellulite.

I will summarize it because I already explained it on the page dedicated to this subject: The cellulite is formed when the adiposity increases their size and they press the skin, preventing certain liquids of the organism to circulate correctly.

As these liquids cannot circulate properly, some bacteria that begins to cause problems in the skin, which, although not serious problems for health, from outside is perceived as the already known orange peel.

Therefore, consuming some diuretics that help reduce that extra fluid that does not circulate properly will be a great help to avoid cellulite.

Among the different diuretics that exist, the most recommendable will be the coffee and tea for the part of the drinks, and the artichoke for the part of the food. As for the desserts, the pineapple is a good choice. And, inside the dressings, lemon juice is the best choice.

If you include these foods in your diet, you will have a good amount of diuretics working in your body, and you will get good results in the elimination of fluids, which will lead to you have less cellulite.

How to Avoid Cellulite through Exercise

Following with the above, to prevent cellulite in the legs and other parts of the body and avoid it beforehand, you have to keep in mind that the body is made to eliminate the calories that are consumed. That is, the calories are the gas used by the body to get its energy and to be able to function.

If you do not consume the calories you have ingested, they accumulate to use them in the future … But if you never consume those calories that you store in the form of fats, the overweight appears … And the cellulite!

So, in addition to reducing the number of calories and consuming more protein than carbohydrates and fats, you should exercise.

As for the most recommended exercise to prevent and avoid cellulite, I do not recommend that you do specific exercises to go to the gym. I am more in favor of doing constant and quiet exercise in the day to day.

What does this mean? It is better to start cycling to work, to go up and down stairs instead of using the elevator or escalators, and go out to take more walks and watch less TV.

In this way, you consume those extra calories, and you do not increase the size of the adiposity, which is responsible for cellulite. In addition, in most of these exercises are already exercised quite gluteus and legs, which are the areas where the orange peel appears the most.

Other ways to prevent orange skin on the legs

Finally, there are some extra ways of preventing orange peel, but they are, essentially, extensions of what has already been mentioned. For example, doing specific exercises for the legs and buttocks is a good option. You can see more about this in my exercises section to avoid cellulite.

You can also visit my page of diets to eliminate cellulite, where it develops a little better the type of diet that must be followed to end the cellulite (it is focused on ending it, but can also serve to prevent it).

Finally, in addition to the diuretics, I recommend that you visit my section of anti-cellulite creams, because not only serve to eliminate it, but also to prevent it. There I explain in depth which is the best creams and why.

So, with these three pages, you can go deeper into ways to prevent cellulite. Remember that you have to pay special attention in times when you have hormonal changes because that is where cellulite tends to appear.

And finally, if you already have cellulite and want to prevent it progress to the next phase, I recommend that you read my story, where I explained in depth the problem I had with cellulite and how I managed to overcome it.

As you can see, with these tricks on how to prevent cellulite you will be able to deal with this problem even before it appears. And, as our grandmothers used to say, prevention is better than cure.

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