How to Remove Facial cellulite Effectively

This time I will explain what facial cellulitis, a problem is that, although I did not suffer, I know very closely because it suffered a friend of mine … And it is a very serious problem! You must be especially careful about it, so read carefully.How to Remove Facial cellulite Effectively

What is facial cellulite?

It is a problem that has little to do with what we usually know about cellulite. That is, it has nothing to do with orange peel, but it is a more serious and dangerous disorder.

In facial cellulite, what happens is that the internal layers of the skin swell, due to the existence of a series of bacteria that cause infection. As you can suppose, this problem cannot be solved or mitigated with diets and exercise, like normal cellulite.

It is important that the person suffering from facial cellulite comes immediately to the doctor because it is a serious health problem that can spread and cause greater damage.

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When it appears on both sides of the neck, it is called Ludwig’s Angina and can cause serious problems because, being so close to the airways, drowning can occur.

A large number of people who die because of this problem, do precisely because of asphyxiation and is due to the problem of Ludwig’s Angina.

What is its cause?

There are many possible causes, but one of the most frequent, odontogenic facial cellulite, has its origin in cavities. Surprised? You will understand very quickly.

When you have a decay or tooth decay, the problem is not too serious, because it can be resolved with a simple analgesic. However, when you have several, what is happening in your mouth is a constant proliferation of bacteria.

During these times, the body gives many warnings of problems, causing pain, inflammation, abscesses in the mouth, etc. But, if you do not pay attention to these problems, a more serious problem may appear.

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Bacteria may enter the bloodstream through decayed caries and teeth, resulting in what is known as odontogenic facial cellulite.

This problem can occur in several ways, but most commonly it affects the two sides of the neck, producing what is known as a Ludwig Angina, which we have talked about before.

However, although odontogenic facial cellulite is one of the causes, it is not the only one. It can also appear from a small wound or any other type of small opening in the skin, allowing bacteria and germs to enter.

In that case, the treatment is much simpler, and the risk is much lower. That does not mean, however, that medical care is not required.

Your symptoms

The symptoms are most variable, depending on the source of the infection and the degree of development. However, the most common are that the area of the face is inflamed, and also the neck, in the case of odontogenic cellulite.

Treatment of facial cellulite

The treatment of cellulite on the face is based on the application of intravenous antibiotics, so it is usual for the patient suffering from it to be admitted to the hospital for a few days.

Although the treatment lasts about two weeks, in the hospital only the first ones remain. Afterwards, he is allowed to return to his home so he can rest and rest, avoiding exposure of the infected area to sunlight.

It should be noted, however, that the treatment for facial cellulite may vary depending on the patient and some other factors that the doctor will analyze when he/she is with the patient.

If it comes from an odontogenic infection and a Ludwig Angina has been caused, drainage may be required, in addition to the antibiotics, which is not particularly complicated but annoying.

As you can see, facial cellulite is a problem more serious than you can have because of mild cellulite in the buttocks. If you think you may be suffering from this problem … Call your doctor right away!

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