Exercises to Remove Cellulite

Are you looking to get rid of cellulite? So, let me tell you about some exercises for cellulite that will go great. With this, you can reduce orange peel in record time and look great this summer at the beach.

Exercises to Remove Cellulite

General Exercises for Cellulite

Before starting with specific exercises, you have to take into account that cellulite appears in part because fatty tissues (adiposity) become larger, and make it difficult to properly circulate fluids that promote the drainage of toxins.

Therefore, the first objective to be taken is to eliminate excess fat from the body and keep adiposity at bay. To do this, there is only one formula: Burn more calories than you consume.

In this way, you will not only reduce the impact of cellulite but also, you will be able to reduce your body weight, something that is always welcome, right?

So, before going for specific exercises, I’ll show you some exercises that you should take to burn calories and, therefore, make your fats decrease. Also, note that these are exercises that involve a change in the day to day.

That is, they are not exercises that you have to force yourself to do, but they must be like a chip change, starting to have healthier habits and less sedentary than you had until now. Let’s see them:

Walk more often

The first of the exercises anti-cellulite is to walk. I recommend that all those trips that you currently do in a car and that you could be doing walking, start doing them using your legs.

It is clear that the car is more comfortable, but for your body, it is much better to walk. The simple fact of walking already contributes that you burn a good amount of calories and, let’s be honest; walking does not cost so much work.

Run a few times a day at random

Running is another great way to reduce body fat, and hence, cellulite. However, people practice it, in my opinion, incorrectly. It takes twenty or thirty minutes a day to run … And that’s not what works best.

The human body is made to have a 90% quiet life, and a 10% life with stress and effort. Why? Simply because it was the way our ancestors had to live.

The normal thing was not to run away from a crocodile (relatively slow) for half an hour. The normal thing was to lie in the shade of a tree, to see a cheetah, and to hit a sprint as far as you could protect yourself.

Therefore, I recommend that you do not dedicate predefined time periods, if not that you run at random. That will help you much more to be at your ideal weight.

You can also do other activities like Spinning or Gymnastics.

Once a week, to the countryside or to the beach

On the other hand, once a week you should go to the field or the beach to give those walks with sprints and races interspersed randomly. The reason is that, in the city, the muscles you exercise are always the same.

It is normal, asphalt has few irregularities. However, if you are going to run to the beach or the mountain, you will have to use other leg muscles that you normally do not use when running around the city, which will help to burn the most localized fat.

Go on a bike to work

Finally, there is the option of going by bike to work. I know it is not a viable option for everyone because sometimes the car is needed for reasons of distance. However, if you think you can bike and ride to work, I recommend it.

There is also the possibility that you do not want to do it because you do not have the option to take a shower once there, and you are a person who swears a lot. Well, in that case, you can choose to go by public transport with the bike, and only use it on the way back.

There are several options and, in the end, using or not cycling to get to work is a matter of encouragement. If you use it, as I started to do a couple of years ago, I guarantee you will notice spectacular results and an improvement in your health.

Exercises to combat cellulite in the abdomen

As for the exercises to reduce cellulite in the abdomen at home, in addition to those mentioned above, are the following:


Of course, the quintessential exercise to reduce the fat of the abdomen and, therefore, the cellulite that forms in this part of the body, are the abdominals.

Basically, you have to stand on the floor, face up, and, with your hands on your chest or behind your head, get up, making force with the abdominal area. Maybe the first few times it costs you if you’re not used to doing them.

Crushed abs

Crunches are very similar to normal abs, and allow you to remove excess fat from the more lateral areas, in addition to strengthening those muscles.

To do them, you have to lie down just as you did for your normal abs, and with your hands behind your head, get up with the aim of touching your left knee with your right elbow. When you come back up, you must touch with the left elbow the right knee.

Exercises to reduce buttock and hip cellulite

To reduce cellulite in the buttocks and hip, in addition to the exercises mentioned at the beginning, you have the following options:

Up and down stairs

Without a doubt, the best exercise to reduce cellulite in the buttocks and legs as well as in the hip is to go up and down stairs. In gyms there are machines that simulate this exercise, and, previously, I mentioned you go running on the beach or the field, which has a similar effectiveness.

Not only do you have to take the stairs whenever you can, instead of escalators or elevators, but the most recommended is that you spend a few minutes a day to go up and down stairs, even if you do not go anywhere, to enhance that part of the body. In 3 minutes you can have the activity finished.


Squats are another very powerful exercise to lower the buttocks and hips and, therefore, lower the level of cellulite. You can do them standing with your feet together, and coming down as if you were going to sit down.

Subsequently, when you have stood for a few minutes in that position, you should get up slowly. Repeat the process in sets of 5 repetitions, and do two daily. As you go forward, you can begin to do them by taking some weight, to increase the difficulty.

Exercises to eliminate cellulite in the legs

To eliminate cellulite in legs through exercise, you can use the following (remember to complement them with those indicated at the beginning):


The squats, which I have already mentioned, are also very useful for eliminating (or at least reducing, cellulite in the legs), because they force you to exercise them to the maximum, and that is just what we need.

As in the previous case, you have to place your feet together and come down as if you were to sit, doing five repetitions in each series. As you go forward and feel that it is becoming simpler, you can begin to do so by taking a little weight.

Lateral lifting

The general uprising is to lie on your side on the floor with one leg over the other and, in that position, raise the upper leg until the separation between the feet is a couple of spans.

When you notice your leg starting to get tired, hold for a few seconds, and lower it. Repeat this process with five repetitions per leg, and you will notice that it not only improves cellulite but increases bodybuilding.

Anti-cellulite exercises to do at home

With the exercises I mentioned in the previous sections, in addition to those mentioned at the beginning of the article, you can reduce the level of cellulite that you have throughout the body.

There are many other types of exercises that can be done at home, but in my opinion, the ones I mentioned so far are the best. At least they are the ones that have given me the best results.

I leave you a video with an exercise routine that you can do yourself at home, is simple to perform and suitable for all levels:

Will it be enough with these exercises?

Surely you are wondering if it will be enough with these exercises to get to have a good appearance and get rid of cellulite completely. And sorry to say no, you will not only achieve these exercises.

I could say yes, but I would be deceiving you, and since I also had cellulite and it bothered me a lot to promise me solutions that did not work, I feel obliged to be honest with you.

Exercise will help you, of course, and will make you look better. It will make your muscles stronger, you are thinner, and the cellulite is reduced a little. But a little, no more.

That is why, if you want to end the cellulite definitely, you have to do something else. In this web, you have several sections where different formulas are explained to eliminate a bit of cellulite. By adding them all together, you can get good results.

When it comes to ending the orange peel, it is not a question of doing one thing very well, but doing many small things very well, so that each one adds up and ends up solving the problem of cellulite.

In my story, I tell how the exercise was not enough to solve my problem with cellulite, and what I had to do to make it today I have no trace of it anywhere in my body.

So, if you want to accompany your exercises with formulas that work, I recommend you take a look. There is a lot of useful information!

As you can see, these exercises for cellulite are very simple to perform and can help you improve your appearance in a short time. Best of all, for most of them, you do not even have to leave the house.

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