Causes of Cellulite

Do you wonder why cellulite is going on? Then you’re on the right page. Next, I will give you all the information you should know about the causes of cellulite, why it appears and what symptoms it has when it comes to it. Let’s go see it!

Causes of Cellulite

Why cellulite

Cellulite has its origin in the hypodermis, that is, in the area of deeper skin. In this area, there is a type of cells, called adiposity that aims to protect the body from the cold. They are essentially fat cells.

How is cellulite formed?

If this adiposity grows more than the count, it can hamper a fundamental part of the regulation of the good health of the skin of the organism, which is the circulation of the fluids at the subcutaneous level.

There are some fluids that circulate under the skin, which is essentially lymph, blood, water and oxygen, and are responsible for keeping the skin healthy. Generally, this circulation occurs without difficulties, but, sometimes, there are problems.

One of the most common problems in women is that the adiposity has grown in excess, and that is hindering the circulation of such liquids. When liquids do not circulate correctly, it is costly for the body to eliminate excess toxins.

When this happens, when correct drainage cannot take place, these liquids thicken and generate problems in the middle layer of the skin and the tissues underneath, resulting in what is known from the outside as skin of Orange or cellulite.

Risk factors that cause cellulite

Here are some risk factors that may indicate a greater chance of getting cellulite (although, as I mentioned earlier, it affects most women):

Overweight and circulatory problems

Being overweight can make more cellulite appear, but you do not need to be overweight to get cellulite. After all, I, for example, am a thin woman and I have also had cellulite. However, both overweight and circulatory problems enhance it, because they hinder the proper circulation of internal fluids.

Incomplete and poorly balanced diet

The incomplete and poorly balanced diet is a factor that enhances the appearance of cellulite and orange peel, for the simple reason that this type of feeding promotes the growth of adiposity. And these adiposities, as we have seen, are responsible for the fluids not circulating properly, so that cellulite.

Sedentary life

As in the previous case, sedentary life and lack of exercise can cause cellulite to appear, because it contributes to the growth of adiposity. A person who eats a lot, but does a lot of exercises, does not have problems, but if you eat a little more of the account, and you have a very sedentary life, sooner or later you will notice how you gain weight and how cellulite is produced.

This is one of the main causes of cellulite in the legs, glutes, and abdomen.

Family background

Finally, there is also the hereditary factor. However, as we can not intervene on this factor, we will leave it a little aside. Just keep in mind that it has some influence.

Symptoms of Cellulite

Next, I point out the most typical symptoms of cellulite, as it has some others besides the simple presence of a skin with textured orange.

However, keep in mind that cellulite may appear without suffering any of these symptoms, which only appear when the problem has advanced too much.

Let’s see them:

Accumulation of liquids: The first of the symptoms is the sensation of heaviness because the difficulty of drainage causes that accumulate liquids and remain in the organism. As a result of gravity, it is normal for this accumulation of fluids to end up in the lower part of the legs.

Edemas in the ankles: In the thread of the above, the retention of liquids ends up leading to that you have edemas in the ankles, and these will swell to you by the excessive amount of liquid that is in them, causing, besides the swelling, pain, and annoyance.

Cold feet: Incorrect circulation of blood and other fluids will also cause your feet to get cold. It is a secondary symptom, but it should be taken into account, because, in addition to cold feet, you will have slightly more insensitive, so you may not see some blows or other small problems.

Varicose Veins: Varicose veins are also associated with poor circulation of blood and fluids, so that, in addition to cellulite, more swollen veins may appear on the calf (usually in this area).

Bruising without blows:  Another effect of this lack of circulation is that bruises appear without blows. The bruises without blows appear because the circulation is deficient and, therefore, the blood is accumulated in one part, making it sees through the skin.

Orange skin: And, of course, you will also suffer orange peel, which is the most obvious and visible problem, as well as one of the first to appear. Subsequently, others may develop, but orange peel is the most common and all women who suffer from cellulite.

As you can see, the causes of cellulite are, fundamentally, hormonal. That is why it is difficult to prevent it from appearing, although it is not so difficult to treat it and to disguise it or even eliminate it completely.

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